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When do you know your businessneeds a website?

The fact that you're reading this article is a sign that it's time to make a site. But you still postpone. Is it because you do not know how, or because it seems too expensive to you, or perhaps you do not have time? In our modern day, there is a solut

1. When customers stop asking: "What is your site?"

In fact, customers expect you to have a site. It is no longer just a luxury or a whim. Having a site is a necessity. It is precisely because people are becoming more and more digital.

The site enables potential and current customers to keep in touch with you 24/7. Through it, your business becomes available at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. It also makes it easy for users to share their digital presentations with friends and acquaintances.

Who does not want to reach more people and make a good impression?

2. When you realize that your competitors have sites

We are not so pretentious to our business until we realize that our competitors have something we do not. And it brings them business success, development and authority. In this case - site. We visit them, we look at them and ... We reach two main conclusions.

    What site? I do not understand anything! Where do I start? And I have no time - not to look for people to do it, nor to do it myself ... I will do without a site!
    Once there is a site and its business goes, I also have to try. Maybe that's what I miss! I will find a way to create a website for my business.

The truth is that we are not in the early years of the web and making your site is extremely easy and affordable. You do not even have to have the technical skills!

3. When you notice that your presence on social networks is not enough

Every day, Facebook's algorithms begin to work in favour of the social circle and groups. Business pages are increasingly losing their positions, and even you see a decrease in the visibility of your posts (unless you pay for them). The fact is that if you are only present in social networks, you are entirely dependent on them and their algorithms (which change every day).

Social networks are a communication channel. The end destination of the user is your site. It does not depend on changes in content and ad-sharing platforms. You can fully control the visitor's experience on your site - from design, structure, content, functionality, and more. Benefits that social networks do not provide.

Other important factors are ownership and security. Your page is owned by the social network and you have no guarantee as to when it will exist. Any moment someone can signal or hack you ... and stay without it.

The site is your digital property. Our Super Team is taking care of its security every day so you can focus on the development of your business.

4. When you want Google to show you to your customers

Google is not just a search engine. They call it the "home page" of all businesses. And when a user searches on Google, he expects to come across a site. Anyone can have an unrealistic social network profile with the name of your business. But not everyone can have a site with your service or product, your story, your address, and your location.

In addition, Google provides a number of better positioning opportunities - Google Business Locations, Google Ads, Google Page Speed ​​Insights, Google Trends, and more!

5. When you want to share content with your audience

Whether you intend to share videos or articles - the site is the best online platform for that. The site is the foundation of your digital presence, and without it, all other channels have no weight and therefore - especially important.

6. When you want your partners and customers to look seriously at your business

The site (especially if well done) builds trust. An important part of your online presence is the email through which you communicate with your customers. In the business world, the most common are:

Think about whether you want the first association of your clients and partners to be that you are frivolous.

Take your domain, do professional mail with the name of your site and communicate confidently!

7. When you want to advertise your business digitally

There is now a much more cost-effective way to reach your right customers. If you do not have enough resources for standard TV/radio advertising, use the services of digital platforms.

However, when you want to advertise online effectively, the necessary condition is ... to have a site! It's not a coincidence that ad platforms like Google and Facebook require you to enter a destination (ie a page from your site).

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