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Website ideas for a non commercial purposes

A common mindset among consumers is that when they do not trade, they do not need a site. The truth is quite different - to have a site, you do not need to sell products online. The site is your digital property. You can sit in it as you think well and

1. Blog

Right now, we're introducing another common myth: "Blogs are already dying."

This statement cannot be further than the truth. The only thing that dies is the pattern that blogs are built on. Both personal and corporate blogs are still relevant. They are one of the easiest ways to express your ideas, communicate with the audience, your prospects and stay in the history of the internet.

The blogs, based on niche interests, are developing with full force. Blogs from which you can learn something and get rich.
Examples: Culinary blog, marketing blog, hosting blog, business blog, fashion blog, health and beauty blog, design blog, DIY blog, historical blog, travel blog, etc.

Blog ideas are countless. If you have a favourite activity that makes you feel alive and full, share it with the world. It is possible for you to inspire someone and help them (without even being aware of that).

2. Site Portfolio

Are you a photographer, an artist, a copywriter, or are you working in another sphere? No matter how good you are in your craft ... consumers need proof. If you have a portfolio of your work so far (photos, articles, designs or other workmanship), whether modest or not, put it on your site. In this way, your potential customers will be able to get to know your talent, build an image and reach the desired audience.

Do not rely solely on the recommendation but share your skills online!
Examples: a site for photography, design (clothing, interior design, web design), video processing, painting, copying services ...

3. Training site

Do you dream of having a digital academy where people will learn from your experience and knowledge? The site is a great solution for educational materials - videos, articles, mixed-type lessons, tests, books and much more.

Maybe you understand from psychology, marketing, personal development, business, oratory, fitness, healthy eating or something else specific?

Now is the time to share your knowledge with the world and enjoy true fans! Why not win that?
Examples: Educational site for language or science, personal development, professional development in a specific field (programming, digital marketing, psychology, accounting, etc.) ...

4. News site

And no ... you do not have to be media to share the news. You also do not have to write news on the standard model.

You can share news from your home town or from a specific branch/sphere. Break the stereotypes. Over time, it is possible to become an institution - a source of reliable information ... which will bring you tremendous satisfaction.
Be brave!
Examples: News about a particular city/city/region/country, news from a specific professional field, event news (general or specific).

5. Forum

Do you have a favourite forum you visit frequently? Forums build society and predispose participants to share views, experiences, experiences. In them, frank and sometimes heated discussions unfold. These are places where users draw valuable information from the experience and opinions of others. Today, the "recommendation" is a leading decision maker. Including and expressed by a totally unknown.
Examples: Gaming forums, teenage forums, professional forums, etc.

If you are considering creating a forum, consider the people you would like to attract to participate. We have a great training article on this topic!

6. A site for charity causes

Perhaps it is important for you to be part of something bigger ... Something that makes sense and helps another human being or ... society as a whole?

Through your site, you will be able to familiarize your audience with major events and causes. Do what is most encouraging!
Examples: Site for charity causes, events and stories.

We are sure that there are many other ideas for your own website. Focus on your personal wishes. What do you want most to share with the world?

Sometimes we lack the confidence that we can make a change - to teach someone something, to inspire, to help ... and often everything

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