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Shorter or longer domain when having a new website?

The question shorter or longer should be one domain can not give a single answer. The maximum allowed length of the domains is 63 characters, which is, of course, a lot and hardly anyone will have the patience to write 63 letters, numbers and hyphens t

Many Internet marketers are of the opinion that the domain should be as short as possible and that the shorter the better, as the shorter domain names are easier to remember, write and pronounce. Of course, this does not apply in 100% of cases.

The ideal domain option would be a single, short word (3-6 characters) that is key to the domain. Of course, this type of domains have been redeemed for a long time, and the chance of someone acquiring such a domain tends to zero. Purchasing a similar domain name from its owner typically costs from several tens of thousands to several million dollars.

It is assumed that the length of the "qualifying" domain should not exceed 15 characters. Domains below 10 characters are particularly preferred. It is also considered that top-level domains are comprised of one to a maximum of two words.

Such "rules" should not be misleading. Two of the most expensive domain names in Internet history are composed of four words each, the length of one is 14 characters, and the other one is 10. The domains

AsSeenOnTV.com - Sold for 5 Million US Dollars and
ForSaleByOwner.com - sold for 835,000 US dollars

In some cases, the domain length simply cannot be small because the domain is a language-enunciated expression - as is the case with the above two domains, or because it is composed of two or more words that are interconnected and must be used together, but they are also of a fairly long length.

On the other hand, there are quite a few short domains that practically cannot be remembered, unlike other, much longer domains. For example, domains like kqfiw.com, rxymj.com, etc. are difficult to store, as opposed to much longer, but mnemonic domains. The mnemonic domain is composed not of chaotic letters, but of meaning-related words or popular abbreviations that easily arise in consciousness when the thought goes in the right direction.

When selecting a domain, it is advisable to avoid short strings of 4-5 letters and numbers that practically make the domain impossible for memorization and playback. Even if you find a 3-character domain that still does not "fit" your business (eg gw7.com/net/biz, k8q.com /net/biz, etc.) - it is not advisable to stop on it. It is a good idea to find a name, even 2 or 3 words, which clearly, clearly and unambiguously indicates the content of your site and the type of your activity. This is also important because of the keywords that will rank your site in higher search engine rankings.

Professionals are of course right, claiming that the domain name should be short and "tight". No one wants to write a domain of onlineaccommodationdirectory.com in the browser. There is another problem here - such a domain cannot be "covered" - it is not immediately understood by how many words it is composed and what its meaning is. So we come to the question of using the dashes in the domains - another very much discussed issue. And in this case, there is no rule that applies in 100% of cases. If your domain is comprised of two or three words, its visual perception will be much easier if these words are separated by dashes. On the other hand, when customers decide to visit the site, they may forget that there is a hyphen between the words and put the domain together, so they will fall on another page and you will have to divide your traffic with the owner of the same domain. registered without a dash between the words. At the same time, if the words in your domain are separated by a dash, it will make it easier for your site to find your site only by the search engines because search engines search by individual keywords rather than merged keywords. Two fuzzy words are perceived by the search engines as one, while the dashed words are perceived as separate words with a pause between them.

Especially if the domain is made up of 2 or 3 long words the hyphen is preferred as it will make the name more visually appealing and easier to read. It is therefore advisable, if possible, to register both versions of the preferred domain when it is composed of two or more words - with a hyphen and without a dash.


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