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Pre-Made Website

Choose Pre-Made Website Design from Catalogue with CMS and mobile-friendly design.
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Custom Design Website Plus

Standard Custom Design (Bespoke) Website with CMS and mobile friendly design on a great price.
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Custom Design Website Pro

Bespoke Custom Design website with high-end finish and 100% satisfaction guarantee. £689 Order Now

Pre-Made Design eCommerce

Choose a Cheap Ready Made eCommerce with a great design and powerful functionality. £389 Order Now

Custom Design eCommerce

Standard Custom(Bespoke) Design eCommerce website with a mobile-friendly design.
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Custom Design eCommerce

Bespoke Custom Design eCommerce with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & Extras. £968 Order Now

Webste Content Management System

Perhaps one of the most common questions in my practice is exactly this: How much does it cost to build a website? In most cases, when I'm asked this question, I just smile because I know how much information, requirements and conditions need to be exposed and specified before a single answer is reached. In fact, there is no unambiguous answer to this question, as the factors determining the cost of making each website are too many and varied.

We all know that the cost of creating a website is one of the most important conditions determining the choice of a web designer partner to build the site. Since many of my potential customers are asking me directly: "How much does a website cost?", I thought it was necessary to write this article and explain how the costs of creating the site are being made and what you might expect to get as a cost for making a site.

In pricing on the construction of a web site, almost everything comes down to how much and what work the project involves and what additional costs it could incur during its implementation. In particular, the main factors determining the scale of the work are the size and complexity of the website you would like to be crafted, the time it takes to build it, and the features you would like it to have.

The cost of each website is strictly individual, which means that, for example, a professionally built and well-behaved, informative representative website with standard customization will cost naturally much less than a more sophisticated and multi-customized website with specially programmed and integrated features, according to the specific requirements of its owner.

What are the factors determining the cost of making a website?

Type and type of web site

All web sites are different and each one is distinguished according to its specificity, type and purpose. The type and type of project that you would like to be built for you is of great importance in forming a price for making. For example, a simple article blog is easier to perform and setup than an online store. Or, for example, a representative website is easier to build than a portal for ads and offers.

Site functionality

Site features are also a major and determining factor in formulating cost for a site. If the website is tightly profiled and with specific features requiring special programming as required by its owner, all this requires more work and longer lead time, which inevitably influences the formation of the final price.

Site Structure

The structure of each website is closely related to its functionality and purpose. A number of pages, number of posts, offers, categories and subcategories, navigation from one or two menus, menu type, type of search engine, etc. All of this also has an impact on pricing, as each item requires work, fitting, testing, and flawless action.

Web site design

The look and complexity of the site's design are also crucial to determining the final cost for making. Every web design is different in itself and has different individual properties, effects and components. For example, building a unique personalized web design will cost a lot more than fitting and customizing a pre-made template. Another example is the creation of an adaptive web design, which will, of course, be more expensive than making a simple, non-adaptive design.

Domain and hosting

Each website needs a hosting and domain address. In some cases, they are included in the total cost of making a site, and in other cases not. It is important that the domain name and its extension is important because the different types of domains are at different prices. Likewise, the type of hosting that will be used is crucial, given that different hosting plans have different hosting resources.
Basic technology

All web sites are powered by pre-programmed and dedicated web technology. This can be a pure HTML programming language for static websites or a system of PHP files, a web content management platform for dynamic websites. Depending on the choice, the cost will be different.

Administration and Management

The type and function of the administrative panel is also a determining factor for pricing. Depending on the type of web site and its functionality, the administration could have low, medium or increased complexity.

Site support

Once worked, each website needs support that could include various pre-agreed terms. The type of maintenance and what it includes will also influence the final pricing.

For your convenience and ease to all our customers, we at Web Design Sheffield offer you several pre-prepared offers for a website with pre-formed and fixed prices for each of them. Browse all our offers and see our prices. If the web site you want is not present among any of our offers, that does not mean that you can not be made. Ask and make a request for building your website.

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